Sunday 6 March 2016

Jace Abstract & Robin Da Landlord - Rockstalgia (2016)

The Rockstalgia EP is almost a "Rockin', Nostalgic" travel back to the 90's with beats and rhymes being center stage, cuts are thrown in the mix and there you have it - 2016 boombap, straight out of Europe.

Each song on the EP represents a certain year in the 90s. So you'll get songs with both an early and mid/late 90s feel to it. For example on the first song "Listen" you'll recognize the '93 sound immediately and then on the next song "Sin City" you get a feeling you're wondering around the city back in '98. A part from that songs like "Think Back" and "Mad World" both have strong topics which gives the listener a nice variety of songs.

Jace Abstract and Robin Da Landlord met each other through Lord Lhus when he asked Robin if he would be down to produce an EP for him with Jace. When they both met in person for the first time at Eastgarden Music Studio, the idea came up to work on a project together, and that’s how "Rockstalgia" all started.

Released March 4, 2016

Cuts on track 1, 2, 5 & 6 by DJ SD
Violin on track 2 by Martijn van der Woerd
Saxophone on track 5 by Romain Tinguely-Mabillard

All tracks produced, recorded & mixed by Robin Da Landlord at Eastgarden Music Studio, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Mastered by Statinski Mastering

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