Friday 18 March 2016

DMX Meets His Idol Rakim For The First Time

“I’m chessin’ like a mother fucker!” is what the over excited dog barks at the start of the meeting with his number one idol. The claim that DMX is Rakims biggest fan is no surprise to us as he spits a complete verse of Rakim’s. This latest video was no web meeting software, dual and boring. This first meeting video was full of the properties of fire, passion and appraisal. The superstars were caught trading credit for the changes they’ve made in hip-hop. The clout that filled the air gave the insurance that these two are actually legends. They have San Antonio car wreck attorney pull in these streets.

When asked what did DMX mean to you and hip-hop, Rakim gratefully responded “We all know what was going on in hip-hop during this time. When he came out he was so fucking raw. I was like thank you man!” I’m sure DMX was thrilled when he finally got to perform on stage with his hip-hop hero. Take a look at the treatment these superstars gave each other. .

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