Saturday, 24 August 2013

Evil Ebenezer - Howl (2013) [Coming Soon]

Howl is the crescendo of years of musical evolution and personal growth for Evil Ebenezer. The album unifies the youthful exuberance of Call Me Evil and the rawness of The Wanderer, with the dark honesty of Evil Eye, culminating in Evil’s most versatile release yet.

Howl represents a musical growl of relief signifying Evil’s perseverance through adversity and his acceptance of his positive future ahead. A master of cadence, Evil captures the neurotic soul of our times with eccentric dysfunction, humor and darkness, all told with his trademark smooth delivery. These songs represent the everyday struggle in a genre full of braggadocios alpha-males. It is honest music that appeals to emotions, showcases the maturity of the songwriter and finds the silver lining that we all seek. Evil Ebenezer is the Captain Hook in a genre full of Peter Pans; a realist in a world based on fantasy.

Howl features guest appearances by Vancouver phenom Snak The Ripper and Edmonton’s critically acclaimed emcee Cadence Weapon with the majority of production from underground legend Stuey Kubrick.

Releases 17 September 2013