Sunday, 1 January 2012

Necro - No Concern (Video)

Shot in the NYC streets & Diablo Fest

Peace to Danny Diablo, PLR crew, DMS crew, DMC & Kaves!

Video features cameos from DMC of Run-DMC, Danny Diablo/Lord Ezec & Matty of Skarhead, Mr. Hyde, Mike MMA, Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy's Law, Eddie Leeway, Mike Gallo of Agnostic Front, Jaysaun of Special Teams, Grizz Rock, Mike Wop, Diesel, Skid, Demian Burns, Taavi, White Owl, KO, Lord Willin', ILL Roc Soldiers, PLR crew, DMS crew, DGAF from Subnoize records, Kabob guy, Recovering junkie & Homeless sleeping bum!!!!!!!