Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kalki - Glass Monk (2013) [Free D/L]

1. knotS - Prayer of the Looking Glass (poem written & performed by Julianne 'knotS' Dynneson)
2. Life on the Streets (Prod. By Skinny Bonez tha Godfather)
3. Avatar (Feat. Ali Dahesh & Rohit Arya /Prod. by Prince Armond)
4. Atlantian Tablet (Prod. by WizdomGod)
5. Mesmer (Prod. by Skinny Bonez tha Godfather/Sample w Deepak Chopra)
6. Kalki Feat. Supernovae - Nosce te ipsum (Feat. Supernovae/Prod. by Bad Prod Rikordz)
7. The Glass Monk (Prod. by AquariusMinded)
8. Mad World (Prod. by Zieke Sounds)
9. Kalki - Deadly Assassin (Prod. by WizdomGod)
10. Feel Death Coming (Prod. by Aethra/Sample w Deepak Chopra )
11. The Last Supper (Prod. by Invectrum)
12. knotS - Lost Letter (poem written & performed by Julianne 'knotS' Dynneson)