Saturday, 10 March 2012

Video: Antahlyzah feat. Owbese - Strangers Of The Night & Lost In A Labyrinth

I titled the song Strangers of the night because I felt that a lot of Underground emcees who put in mad work for years were not being recognized. It seems that if you don't have that HUGE record or large budget for promotion than most cats will overlook your art and I wanted to make a statement with this project; and that was "Be advised there are Emcees out there in the Wilderness who will come from beneath the earth and rip you to shreds!! Then we will wrap up your body and dispose of it over the nearest ledge lol.

This was an amazing shoot, once I contacted Baba Zoom and elaborated on the original idea the ball started rolling and we all begin brainstorming and soon that ball turned into an avalanche!! We had about 5 locations but I hit up my boy Exxxon and he had a dope set up for us, this remote cabin location was a huge blessing because it all fell into place once we got their and set up.

As the night went on and the hours went by we stayed focused and determined and we knew we were carving out a Hip Hop Classic. There were several cancellations and people didn't show up and some couldn't make it but we kept fighting through. We were all extremely tired and it was getting early, I changed outfits like 7 times, Owbese had to work that morning and we were racing against time because a snow storm was on the way that morning!! So we pushed through and got some help from the homie Mantis and exxon and it turned out to be a good look!!

We wanted to create a piece of art to inspire the masses and spark creativity within our Kulture, we didn't have a huge budget for this but we did plan ahead and saved up to make it happen. Check this out, help us get this art to the masses and pass the word, go to the bandcamp page and support the Albums, I have very deep releases on that page and a few new ones on the way so go to the page and support by purchasing some of those albums .We appreciate you all for checking us out, peace and Respect!! Bless Up