Tuesday, 13 March 2012

LP: Brock Berrigan - Daily Routine (2012)

Brock Berrigan never disappoints when it come to walking the fine line of keeping it classic and kicking down the door of the future. His tracks are always fresh and innovative and got that knock of classic boom-bap. Check out his new Long-player "Daily Routine" and you'll see what the hypes all about!


1.Water of Life 02:14
2.Lily of the Valley 02:06
3.Cruise Control 02:06
4.Weekend in the Wilderness 02:07
5.Daily Routine 02:03
6.Liquor Store 01:21
7.Deep Sea Caverns 01:50
8.Aunt Jean 01:37
9.Sailing 02:21
10.Man Down 01:11
11.Diggin' 01:19
12.Gabriela 01:18
13.And Now For Something Completely Different 02:25
14.The Legend of the Bear 02:10

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