Monday, 30 April 2012

Video: Truth By Design - True B-Boy Demeanor

Following up on the release of their well-received 2011 EP, Timeless, Truth By Design returns for 2012 with a teaser entitled: "True B-Boy Demeanor". As a visual representation of each group member in their element, this video acts as a fitting precursor to their new single "Major Damage" dropping on May 15.

Video: The Legion - Automatic Systematic

Taken from the limited 7" vinyl "Sraight Flow / Automatic Systematic" and the EP "The Lost Tapes" out later this year on Ill Adrenaline Records/ Legion Records.
Directed by Jimmy Giambrone.
Recorded back in 1995 at D&D Studios, NYC.

LP: Jus Ra and A​.​P​.​- Duality Complex (2012) (Free Download)

Flint, Michigan Emcee Jus Ra (@raforshort) has just released his newest project The Duality Complex, in collaboration with Michigan indie label Hi-Hill Recordings. After his highly praised mixtape Not Without Doubts (which is currently on sale on retail sites such as, and, Jus Ra’s newest EP will surely keep the much warranted hype going. Fresh from the True School of hip hop, Jus Ra’s rap poetics combined with A.P’s dope instrumentals are sure to make this one of your favourite gems of 2012. You can currently stream and download The Duality Complex over at . If you are a lover of lyriciism, dope beats and real hip hop in general, this is a must have for your collection. The entire project has been produced by Hi-Hill Recording affiliate producer and Flint, Michigan native, A.P. (@ap1981)

“The Duality Complex project is one of the dopest I have heard in awhile. In my opinion, A.P is one of the dopest beat makers out PERIOD. You may have never heard of him, but do yourself a favor and pay attention!- Moonchild

“Jus Ra displays top notch lyricism throughout this project, he has proven to obtain the work ethic and talent that will ensure him a bright future in music."- Moonchild

Video: Venomous2000 & Kingshon - Walk On By

Walk On By is the first video off "STILL CONNECTED" by Venomous2000 & Kingshon. The album is out and available for download of physical copy orders at

Audio: Mad One & Kizersöze feat. Aarophat & Lawjick - Get Off The Porch

Taken from the album "In The Spirit Of Jack Johnson"

Video: Undeniable feat. L.I.F.E. Long - Can't Believe That

Off of the UNDENIABLE "5 Finger Discount" FREE Mixtape Series.

Video: Psalm One feat. Thaione Davis - Night Games

Psalm One teams up with Thaione Davis and brings you a tale of slick triumph through adversity. "Night Games" is a bit sexy, a bit funky and all Chicago! Video features the lovely ladies of the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby, and Fluffy of course joins in the fun. Song produced by Optiks. Download the song now at

LP: Angelz Inc. - The Book of Angelz Vol. 1 (2012) (Free Download)

Angelz Inc presents "The Book of Angelz Vol 1", this release is their second studio album. This album consists of 13 songs that are compiled of new and classic angelic fire at its best.
The Angelz have once again introduced to the Hip Hop world as a conscious, powerful, thought provoking and at times controversial voice to be reckoned with.

Video: Sincere & Nima Fadavi feat. Pep Love - Let Me Be Me

Produced by: Nima Fadavi

EP: Keor Meteor - Sabotage (2012) (Free Download)

Keor Meteor drops a new conspiracy heavy album with some of his finest work to date! Definitely head over to his bandcamp for a copy!

Audio: MF DOOM - My Favorite Ladies (ManOnWire Remix)

Manonwire is a producer who is becoming a regular here at THHR. Here he does an interesting take on MF DOOM's classic My Favorite Ladies.

Video: Thirstin Howl III - I'm Living

Video: THE CRATEShow - S4 Meet Dr. Moonstein

Video: Kevlaar 7 - Kings Feat. Salute da kidd

1st Street single from Kevlaar 7's forthcoming solo LP "Die ageless"...Featuring Salute da kidd of the Wisemen, produced by Woodenchainz...

EP: Baseh & Karvoh - Seriedad (2012) (Free Download)


01. Vida HipHop ( Scratch por Dj Rune )
02. Mi palabra es ley con Dianlebarrho ( Scratch por Dj Rune )
03. Seriedad con Emi.mp3
04. Sadomasohiphop con Gran Rah
05. Outromental

Source: Undercream

Video: Misk - Boxed Out feat. Block McCloud & Kromeatose

From the upcoming mixtape "Rise of The Dead"
Produced by Delorian DLR

LP: Babylon Warchild - The Gatekeepers (2012) (Free Download)


01. The light ft. Lord Lhus, Black & Qualm
02. The gates of babylon ft. Profit, Pre & KDB
03. The system
04. The towers of babylon ft. Chief Kamachi & Wordsworth
05. The hellbound ft. Kaotny
06. The nighthawkz ft. King David
07. The international ft. Sadat X, Mr. Merak & C-Rayz Walz
08. The treat ft. Tragedy Khadafi, KDB & D Tha Suspect
09. The Karma
10. The first warning ft. PSL & J-Spine
11. The broadcast ft. Primacy, Black Elohem, Life Long & Syntax
12. The return ft. Daddy Rose
13. The sacred source ft. Twin Perils
14. The injustice ft. Kain Slim & J-Spine
15. The countdown ft. J-Spine
16. The requiem ft. KDB

LP: Nuttkase - Tight Beatz (Instrumental) (2012) (Free Download)


01. Conspiracy Theory
02. Faulties
03. Resist
04. Mesropka
05. Skit 1
06. Apple Bottom
07. Phat Shitt 2012
08. Asian
09. Puto
10. No Turning Back
11. Skit 2
12. Okolozeema
13. Aurora Boreals
14. Crap
15. Stop What Ya Doin
16. For Example
17. U40C2012
18. Skunk
19. Skit 3
20. Chewy
21. Between Heaven And Hell
22. Preemakov
23. Hooitah
24. Putin
25. Thoughts
26. Hell On Heart
27. Darkwing Duck
28. Still Ill

LP: Sicarii - Tomorrow Is A Lie (2012) (Free Download)


01. Born To Use Mikes
02. Armor of God (feat. Bishop)
03. Da Arkitect (I Gotta Eat)
04. Let Me Tell U Something
05. Homicide (feat. Vorheez & Tame One)
06. Trial by Fire
07. Hands In The Sky (feat. Trouble T)
08. S.O.N.S.
09. Unbreakable (feat. Joe Young & Rockoleone)
10. Hopesick
11. Angels & Demons
12. Dead Rabbits (feat. Dia Diesel & Legendary Axe)
13. Insanity
14. Always
15. Fear No Man (feat. Tableek, Frank White & Blacastan)

Video: Sev Statik - Right and Exact

Mixtape: Trilian – International Notes (2011) (Free Download)


01. Intro (TMB)
02. Freestyle with Hedds (feat. Lateb,Slant,Rhetoric & TMB)
03. 1 Life 2 live (feat. Tribeca)
04. Soldier of fortune (feat. Amadeus the Stampede,Pryme Prolifik,Soulkeeper & Rich Mahogany)
05. Dead Silence (feat. Ripshop & TMB)
06. Bring the rawkus REMIX (feat. Nohokai,Genocide,PDG,DJ Trickalome)
07. Bloody slap (feat. Logik Konstantine)
08. Hard skillz (feat. District 6 & Judder)
09. International notes (feat. Ghost Town Syndicate & TMB)
10. Judgment day (feat. Fonka & Blueyesone)
11. Closed windows (feat. M’Tiss)
12. On the surface (feat. Sick Since,Omen Ra,Dox Boogie,TMB & DC the Truth)
13. Special ops rap (feat. Vendetta Kingz & DJ Trickalome)
14. Wake up (feat. Sars)
15. Milion Sranja (feat. GCrew)
16. Special children (feat. Lex Starwind,Aztech,TMB & Jon Murdock)
17. On the surface pt.II(feat. Omen Ra & Zambo)
18. Grey Sky Freestyle (feat. Subtex)
19. Official (feat. Empuls & Tantrum)
20. The good old days (feat. Fess Gotchu)
21. Saw (feat. Logik Konstantine)
22. Sleeper cell remix (feat. Calygula)

Source: SickSideSS

Video: Psycho Realm – I’m Gone

Visuals for the single “I’m Gone” off Terror Tapes vol 2

Video: Aesop Rock - Skelethon Ep. 2

SKELETHON - Coming July 10th, 2012 on Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Video: Redman – SourDeezal feat. Ready Roc

Reggie and Ready Roc hit a grow room for their tribute to the green. It’s almost like you can smell it while watching the video…

LP: Stu Cat - Beware Of The Cat (2012)(Free Download)

Video: Bad Habbits - Song For The City

Off the upcoming album, ACID REFLUX is almost done and should be out in a few months.

Video: Sicarii - Born To Use Mikes / Homicide

"Born To Use Mikes" is the first song from TOMORROW IS A LIE, Sicarii's highly anticipated 3rd full-length album. Massachusetts' most dangerous and addictive artist is back with 15 tracks of heavyweight hip-hop, upping the ante on live shows, and providing the final, gut wrenching chapter in this real life saga. Produced entirely by Ice Grill (Sicarii's beat making alterego) this album promises to continue pushing the sonic envelope and shutting that weak sh!t they call "rap music" the f@$k down. Featuring an all-star line up of elite MCs, from Murda Mass to Newark, NJ, Sicarii's latest piece is an East Coast classic waiting for your coronation.

This is an exclusive track from Sicarii's 3rd album, "Tomorrow Is A Lie", available now!! If you feeling this, don't hesitate to purchase a copy, or download...tell a friend to tell a real hip-hop!! Album is entirely produced by Ice Grill (Sicarii) and features Tame One, Blacastan, Legendary Axe of Masstapeace, Vorheez of the Problemaddicts, Dia Diesel of Bad For Business, Tableek, Frank White, Rockoleone, Bishop, Trouble T and Joe Young...

LP: Classic The Legend & Pawcut - The Hungry People (2012)(Free Download)

People are motivated by alot of things, money, family, love, hate, desperation ........But Hunger is a motivator that encompasses all those things and more.
Classic The Legend is a mc from the atlanta region,Pawcut is a producer from germany , together they are "The Hungry People" , offering you a combination of vintage samples , dusty drum breaks and honest, introspective lyrics , aiming to bring rawness back into the game.
They want u to to take full responsibility for your situation and get up, get out and get whats rightfully yours.... The World.
"The Hungry People" is the soundtrack to the grind, the day to day excuses made, no blame being placed, just grind...and nod your head.
Pawcut @Soundcloud / Classic The Legend @Facebook / Pawcut @Facebook

Video: M.O.H. & Nokti feat. Nessbi Diniero - Rat Race

This is real hip hop from Switzerland.
M.O.H & NOKTI feat. NESSBI DINIERO for their Album "Une journée Hip Hop" out now.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

LP: Apollo Brown & OC - Trophies (2012)

"Trophies" is 16 tracks of mass appeal set in motion by two different eras of hip hop's elite. Detroit producer Apollo Brown lays the foundation, and the legendary OC constructs the vocals. Arguably, their best album respectively, "Trophies" is straight to the point hip hop; no frills, no preservatives, not even a single feature. Just OC at his finest and Apollo once again commanding no disappointments.

Today's society is fascinated with "Trophies". Not just a shiny cup or figurine atop a wooden platform, but the superficial earnings as a result of one's recognition. Prestigious awards, fancy cars, nice jewelry, and beautiful women, are all coveted "Trophies" of the present day. They seem to be the preferred end result of our hard work. Everyone NEEDS to be recognized for whatever their achievement may be, in order to feel that he/she made a mark in this world. And in order for our recognition to be proper, we NEED an award, or a material object to help reassure us that we did something. But why?

Listen to the album. Enjoy the music.
Consider the real Trophies.

"I just heard OC & Apollo Brown's new LP and it's dope original shit - that hiphop for the people!" - DJ Premier

"This is exactly what I want... good beats... good rhymes... and a real niggaz perspective." - Dame Dash

Buy Now $9.99 USD

Monday, 23 April 2012

LP: Mr. Forge - The Highlander - First Chronicles (2012)(Free Download)

Unda Earth Entertainment & Guerrilla Republik Presents The 4th Album from The Cosmic Chicano - Mr. Forge - Guerrilla Republik Warrior - 2 1/2 years working on this project. Worked real hard on this album but worth every bit of it when you love what you do. West Coast Hip Hop for the GALAXY! Brought to you by your favorite Chicano - Mr. Forge !FREE for the People!!

Featuring: Empuls, KoKane, Wesbound, Naymon, Vmasta, Proo-S, Express Fresh, Ms. Pinky, Doval-G, FenomeDon, Metro's Own, BlackHeart SiN, KmastaMine, Golden Chyle, Koreone, Pete Rok, Mr. D.L.C. Zigg Ultra Nebula, ESPeonage & Freeway

Production by: Naymon(Jon Dough Muzik), 1ST Spawned(First Born Productions), Epik The Dawn(GrindStone Music Group), Pete "Rok" Wilson(Samoan Musik), Freek(Tru Beats), Anno Domini Beats, Soopa Beats & Vybe Beatz

Album Recorded at: 912 Studios (Unda Earth Productions) Annandale, VA. USA.

Executive Engineer: KmastaMine (Unda Earth Productions)

@Bandcamp / @Facebook / @GuerillaRepublik / @ReverbNation

News: Hieroglyphics’ Casual Announces ‘He Still Think He Raw’ Release Date

Casual, of the legendary Hieroglyphics crew, announced last week that he’ll be releasing a new album, titled He Still Think He Raw in late May.

The Hiero Imperium Records-backed release is titled in reference to the rapper’s 2001 album, He Think He Raw. It’s produced entirely by DJ Fresh and production crew The Whole Shabang.

The new LP will mark the California MC’s second release in two years, following his 2011 album, The Hierophant. In total, it will mark his seventh solo album in a career spanning more than a decade.

Information on guest features have yet to be released, but Casual has released a video for the record’s debut single, “Tears”.

Casual’s He Still Think He Raw is scheduled for release on May 22.

Video: Quakers feat. Quite Nyce - Jobless

Another joint off the Quakers album - "Jobless" featuring Quite Nyce. Video by GoldMiners.

EP: Naja Gemini - Sasha Grey/Naja Gemini EP (2012)(Free Download)

Video: Gab Gotcha - Ambitions

Video: Hannibal Stax - Salute to the ill Kid (GURU Tribute)

Video: Dr. Creep - Fatality Rap

Off of the mixtape "AI: ACTUAL INTELLIGENCE" dropping soon...

EP: Ramson Badbonez - The Remixes (2012)(Free Download)

Squared-Roots.Com have dropped this nice collection of remixes from UK emcee Ramson Badbonez featuring production input from 184, Fingerfood, Leaf Dog, Kashmere and more.

Interview: Afu-Ra - Use The Force

Use The Force – Afu-Ra

Video: D Strong ft. Orign & Chinch 33 – Out To Tax

Kyo Itachi-produced track from the album “Rise And Shoot”.

EP: Stryfe & Illingsworth - The Opening Act (2012)(Free Download)

After generating significant attention with last weeks single "We In New York" by Sadat X, Loyalty Digital Corp. is back with a another treat. "The Opening Act" a FreEP by Stryfe, a Local MU-12 Union member and artist on the Loyalty Digital Corp. Roster...

With the upcoming LP (“The Vintage Album”) slated to be released this Spring, overseeing Sadat X’s upcoming project and with a burgeoning roster for his own fledgling Loyalty Digital Corp. imprint, Fokis is primed for a breakout year in 2012, as he states “The Opening Act EP is a classic, Stryfe is a Wizard on the Mic and Illingsworth is a magician with the beats. This project is filled with head nodding, neck snapping dope music. I believe in his talent and feel he is going to be a really big artist.”

Upon completing his forthcoming LP, "The Last Resort", Stryfe teamed up with fellow Detroit native Illingsworth to create “The Opening Act,” EP which will serve as the prelude to his debut LP and is now available for download.

Video: Moe Pope ft. Slaine – Dead Kennedy’s

The former Crown City Rockers-affiliated Boston emcee drops a quick shot of dopeness to tide fans over as he continues to work on a number of new projects.

Video: Ras Kass & Doc Hollywood - I Wave

Taken from the West Coast vet’s new free project “Spit No Evil”.

LP: Del The Funky Homosapien - Root Stimulation (2012)

Its a pick your price album, and depending on how much you are willing to spend there is some cool features. More info @Bandcamp.

Buy Now $3 USD

Video: Mystro - That There (HooD Vid)

Pure visual hilarity from London’s Mysdiggi and he drops his own interpretation of a ‘hood video’ to accompany this Twisted Roots-produced track from the recent “What Type Of Drug Is Mystrogen?” EP. / @Facebook / @Twitter / @Bandcamp / @YouTube / @Tumblr

Single: Aarophat - Panic

Aarophat - PANIC! Digital Maxi-Single from the forthcoming LP 'INVICTUS'
Produced by Lex Boogie from the Bronx and cuts by Chinch 33

Buy Now $3 USD

Ill Sevenz Music Group

Mixtape: LRG presents 4.20 The Classics mixed by Statik Selektah (2012)(Free Download)

Producer/DJ extraordinaire Statik Selektah and LRG present 420: The Classics, a mixtape that features some of the best old-school hip-hop that is perfect for a day enjoying some airborne entertainment.


Jackson 5/Dark Fantasy Intro
Red & Mef – How High (orig + remix)
Keith Murray – Get Lifted (orig + remix)
Cypress Hill – Hits from the Bong
Cypress Hill – i Wanna Get High
Luniz – i Got 5 on it
50 Cent – High All the Time
Redman – Smoke Buddah
Jay-z – Feelin it
Styles P – Good Times (i get high)
Alchemist ft Styles P & Evidence – Calmly Smoke
Pharcyde – Pack the Pipe
Bone Thugz – Buddah Lovaz
Smoke Dza ft Corey Gunz – Crazy Glue
Freddie Gibbs – Personal OG
Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre – the Recipe
Termanology – Recipe freestyle
Mac Miller ft Wiz Khalifa – Keep Floatin
Strong Arm Steady & Dom Kennedy – Smoke On
Young Jeezy ft Snoop & Devin the Dude – Higher Learning
Devin the Dude – Doobie Ashtray
Outkast – Spottieottiedopaliscious

Sunday, 22 April 2012

LP: Kachin - The Essential Vol. 2 (2007-2012)(Free Download)

Audio: Demonios Sekt ft. FUBAR & La Dog - Shaolin Sekta

Track from the new Demonios Sekt album - "From North to South of Hell Vol. 3" available for FREE.
Produced by Kachin & cuts by DJ Joon

Video: Snowgoons ft Liquit Walker & Dra-Q - Das Leben Der Anderen

LP: La Dog - Featuring La Dog Volume 1 (2012)(Free Download)
La Dog @Facebook

EP: Dox Boogie - The Boogie Man EP (2012)

The First official release from Brain Kave Music Group LLC. The companies founder & artist Dox Boogie delivers a hard hitting, raw, & edgy EP laced with masterful production & a lethal pen. With guest appearances from Underground King Copywrite, Coney Isand's Nems Guttah, fellow Queens representative Sean Strange, San Diego spitter Banish, Masai Bey & more, including Brain Kave Artists Rob Nova, Ultimate Ultra, Bravos Xodus & Billy Ballantine. All production by Dox Boogie Music ASCAP except Track 3 & 4.

Buy Now $4.99 USD / BrainKaveMusic @Facebook / BrainKaveMusic @YouTube